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Fisher Hydraulics manufactures custom hydraulic cylinders. Capabilities range from 1 inch to 10 inch bore sizes with strokes to 20 feet long and ratings to 10,000 psi. All cylinders are manufactured utilizing CNC machining technology, automated welding processes, and cellular machining and assembly concepts. Each cylinder is oil tested then painted per customer specifications on an automated paint line. Facilities include capabilities for extended testing of prototype products prior to production.

For those cylinders that do not match our capabilities, we also have access to the capabilities of our sister companies, Ligon Hydraulic Cylinder Group (Seabee Cylinders, Great Bend Industries, Hydratech, RamRod and HDM). Those capabilities include bore sizes to 30 inches, strokes to 60+ feet, multi-stage cylinders, and aluminum cylinders. With these additional resources, Fisher Hydraulics can be your "only" source for custom hydraulic cylinders.



Fisher Hydraulics
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